An artist living in Chicago
Has a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

MeThe buns

For information about the oil paintings, read artist statement below. I occasionally accept commissions, so if you’re interested, please head over to the contact sheet and send me a message! Maybe you like possums or rodents, or you want a portrait of your small mammalian pet – just send me a picture and we’ll talk.

Or do you want a customized My Little Pony toy? Send me a message about that too! I’m super friendly and I’ll be totally nice to you.



Artist Statement


As far back as I can remember I always felt a stronger connection to animals than to people. I identify with them. Particularly the small, quiet, misunderstood rodent, or the adorable, cuddly rabbit that longs to be taken seriously. Perhaps they are viewed as unimportant or vermin, but I hope to position them in a new light. Within the context of my art, these creatures are a reflection of my innermost thoughts and emotions. The awkward language of a somewhat diseased brain navigating through bouts of anxiety and depression riddled with fear and paranoia – taboo subjects even in the art world.

These small, intimate portraits with their elaborate frames are meant to evoke visual strategies from the history of European portraiture. I feel that this style of painting elevates the animal and emphasizes their human qualities. They are removed far from nature and placed into a more ambiguous, psychological realm. Each creature is isolated and displayed under a spotlight for close examination. They may appear awkwardly staged – some of them revealing their vulnerability, while others pose as more of a threat to the viewer. Their fate seems as uncertain as their surroundings. They are strangely alienated. They serve as a tiny glimpse into a shadowy area of the mind.